Marie: So, why am I resparked?

The fall season is the season of vibrant colors. The air is crisp. Leaves that seemed forever green now turns bright red, orange and yellow contrasting with the darkening sky. There’s a sense of expectation in the air. A new start. And although days are getting shorter they are filled with new experiences.

To me this fall represents a new start in my professional career. After many years of running my business alone, I have taken a new turn, a new path. Why? Because, I had the incredible luck of ‘bumping’ in to a like-minded person (on LinkedIn, off course). Sofie shares the same ambition of wanting to do things better and challenge the existing. Not by tearing down established wisdom but by re-refining, re-focusing and re-defining the way an agency of today engage in client relationships.

What is new?

Our different set of skills, age and educational background provides a perspective that enable us to understand the world just differently enough to make a contribution. However, this requires that we cultivate a questioning mind-set and challenge our assumptions and perspectives. An ongoing exercise of asking ourselves; what are we overlooking in our field?

The landscape of corporate world is changing. And it is changing fast. Years ago, a phone company only needed to worry about other phone companies. Today they need to worry about Google, Apple etc. Before companies only had to look at budgets once a year, today the budgeting process is speeding up, creating an ongoing innovation pipeline within the company.

Solving tomorrow

The phenomenon of rapid change is starting to touch companies in ways we’ve never experienced before. And this also affects the way companies communicate. New stakeholder groups are added and new messages needs to be developed, new types of employees are needed and an employer advocacy program needs to be developed. New regulations require that compliance is integrated into the company influencing messages and communication channels and so on.

So, what do you do when your sustainable advantage (famously propounded by Harvard Business School thinker Michael Porter) change so rapidly? Our ambition is from a communication perspective to provide practical and actionable answers to companies wrestling with this.

To many of us, development – both on a professional and personal level – is an iterative process. Refining a concept or answering new questions that arise during our work, allowing new insights to impact the road we follow. This fall I decided to let my own insights percolate and chose a new path to re-spark.


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