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I used to overthink things. And as I sat down to write this post, I caught myself again turning one idea down after the other in my head while staring at a blank document for hours. Out of frustration, I stood up and walked around in circles until my eyes glanced on our whiteboard. A few days early, I had written ‘Act, then think’. Absurd, right?

Strategizing, planning, having countless of meetings before anything actually gets done. All those things we do, because we’ve been taught to think, then act, to minimize mistakes and money lost. But here I was, trying to plan my way to the perfect blog post and absolutely nothing happened.  

Why am I here – Part 1: The romantic version
I am here because I stopped over-thinking and started listening to my emotions. I am on the verge of being hyper-sensitive which means that my emotions are constantly right beneath the surface. Over the years, I have learned to redirect my emotional energy into passion and motivation, and the first time Marie and I started talking about establishing Re:Spark, this kind of euphoric feeling kicked in.

And then I knew. I knew, I had finally found the place I needed to be. Despite several amazing job opportunities breathing down my neck.
Was it rational? No. Was it secure? No. Was it well thought out? Not really. But it was me and I believe that being you should determine the direction you choose to go.
Re:Spark allows me to be part of the environment, I always strive to create for clients. An environment where common purpose and long-term value is the goal and transparent and strong relations is the means to get there.

Why am I here – Part 2: The power version              
I am also here because of my ambitions and career-driven mentality. Working makes me happy and there is no better feeling in the world than seeing my relations gain value and increase their own knowledge capacity through our collaboration.

When you combine hyper-sensitivity with high professional ambitions you get a constant urge to make an impact. But true impact requires two things. First, the willingness to work hard and constantly strive for above average. Second, a community who shares your passion and goals, but brings a diversified set of competencies to be reflected in the degree and reach of impact. Because nobody ever did great alone.

Re:Spark is a platform for me to make an impact. And because I have the extraordinary opportunity to design that impact myself, I work harder than I have ever done before. Marie is the same. We strive for the same things and we share the same passion and energy. But we are also very different.

In our partnership we embrace a diversified, yet complementary set of communication practices which enable us to bring more value to our clients. Our professional differences is also a mechanism to challenge each other’s beliefs and opinions. But most importantly is our shared hunger to do things better. Not for ourselves or our wallets, but for the purpose of making maximum impact and leverage the value and reputation of our industry.     

What is Re:Spark to me?
I ended up here because I choose to act, then think. Act based on who I was and what my emotions told me to do. Re:Spark is a place where I get to make reality out of my ideas. I get to prove to myself and the people we work with that we can do better. That we can create an impact that stretches beyond our collaborations and hopefully moves the industry towards a more value and relation driven approach to the client-agency partnership.

But sometimes my ideas are nuts, too colorful and lacking a bit of realism. Then I have Marie. She has been in the game for years and her experience is priceless not only to Re:Spark, but also to me personally. I think that is why, we are such a great team, because we mix tried experience with new perspectives in everything we do. We could call it innovation and creativity with a solid success rate.

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